before we start

Tell me a little about yourself

Everyone is unique, and I want to get to know you so I can show who you are in your pictures. Fill out this form, tell me about yourself/your event/you and your fiancé and I will be in contact with you!

Contact me

01. Fill out the form

Under the "contact me" page I have a form for you to fill out. This will give me the basic needed information (name, contact info, media needs, etc.) The form also includes optional fields for you to tell me about yourself, you and whoever you are taking photos with, or your event. This helps me get to know you to show off your personality in your photos!

02. I will contact you

After you fill out the form I will then contact you within a week so we can talk though details. Depending on the shoot you have the option to set up a meeting with me!

03. We will set up a meeting (depending on the type of shoot)

With some of the shoots that deal with important details such as weddings and other events, we will set up a day to meet and talk through what you specifically want from me! This meeting also provides a time to get to know each other and hear who we are so we can be as comfortable as possible on the day of the shoot. A meeting is not required for every type of shoot but is available upon request.

04. Set up a date, or tell me the date!

We will then set a date and location, or you will tell me what date and where your event is, details will be finalized and I will send you a contract to lock down the day and time.

05. Shooting day!

The big day!! I will guide you through any poses or prompts to capture photos, and I will be there for every step you need and want for your event.

06. You receive your photos/video!

Depending on the type of shoot I will send you the complete edited gallery of photos or video in one week-one month. Reach out to me and I can give you a specific time.